Director Dr. Bhartendra Vikram Singh

Dr. Bhartendra Vikram Singh did his schooling from Uttar Pradesh, India. After schooling, he got admitted in National Institute for the Orthopedically Handicapped, Kolkata. He graduated in first class and was conferred Masters in Occupational Therapy. He did a lot of internships with various hospitals.
During graduation, he underwent rotatory clinical posting, through which he realised a spark within and he decided to work for differently abled children. After completing his internships, he got an opportunity to work with Kumaran hospital, Chennai. There he got ample experience to upgrade himself in this field. Then he got to work with many reputed hospitals such TRA General hospital, IRRE (Alokhedhara Ngo ), DDRC, Kolkata, Apollo hospital, Chennai, Medica super specialty hospital, Kolkata. While working for these hospitals, he got lot of opportunities to explore further in the field. He realised that he always wanted to work for differently abled children. He won the heart of many parents through the quality of being inquisitive and showing a great deal of enthusiasm for his work. Parent satisfaction and the joy on their face seeing the improvement in their children always provided him with energy to work even harder in the field.
In his professional career, he has completed his Aqua therapy certification course, Sensory integration workshop, Neuro developmental therapy workshop, and a certification course on ABA. He believes that learning happens till the last breath.
Dr. Bhartendra Vikram Singh is a visionary person, and, by the Grace of God and with the blessings of his parents, he started Rama Singh Shatrajeet Singh Sensory Integration, Rehabilitation, and Research Centre in September 2018. His key role in the organisation is to develop strategies for professionals working in the field of rehabilitation – strategies that serve as standards for them to work with children with disabilities.
He regularly participates in national conferences in the field of rehabilitation. He keeps doing certification courses, and attends workshops to keep his skill, and knowledge, up-to-date. They say that when you meet one child with a neuro-developmental disorder, it means that you have met only one child with that disorder. This means that when you meet a new child, he will bring with himself some features unique to him or her. This is the core belief of Dr. Bhartendra Vikram Singh. He believes that with each new child, he gets to learn more about the field of neuro-developmental disorders. Parents have put their faith in his able hands and he considers his moral responsibility, to give his best while treating a child.